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Partnering Camps

Why Kamp Tumaini?

How do you pronounce ‘hope’? In Kenya, they say tumaini (too-my-ee-nee). Kamp Tumaini started in 2015 as a summer camp in Kenya, offering hope for children who were impacted by HIV and AIDS. The camp was created in response to the approximately 160,000 children in Kenya who are HIV-positive, and the thousands more who have lost a parent to the disease. These kids often experience stigma, isolation, fear and loneliness. Participating in Kamp Tumaini is a way for Canadian churches to offer the gift of love and friendship to these vulnerable children and remind them that they are not forgotten or alone.

Due to the success of Kamp Tumaini in Kenya, it is now expanding to other countries!

In June 2019, we will be launching Kamp Tumaini – Bolivia with a camp for Prison Kids – children who have an incarcerated parent. For kids who are stigmatized by having a parent in prison or must live with them there, it’s an opportunity to enjoy time away with friends in a safe and caring environment.

In July 2019, we will be launching Kamp Tumaini – Thailand for youth in the Golden Triangle region of Asia who will experience the love of Christ while learning English. Many of these young people are at risk of being drawn into the widespread drug trade in the area. Participating in camp may be their first time being part of a loving Christian community.

Every Kamp Tumaini, no matter the location, blesses kids and youth with a camp experience that gives them a safe place to enjoy just being a child. Thank you for supporting Kamp Tumaini and bringing hope and transformation to children around the world in the name of Jesus.


The latest Kamp Tumaini Video

Enjoy this video update about Kamp Tumaini from Erica Kenny.

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If you’re the representative of a Canadian summer camp and would like to become an official Kamp Tumaini partner, we’d love to hear from you. Just fill in the form below and we’ll send you more information about how you can get involved. We can’t make this happen alone – we need every Canadian camp to join together. So, what are you waiting for?

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What’s In It For My Camp?

To help you reach your fundraising goal, we’ve developed a number of tools that are available to all partnering camps. The most exciting of these is a personalized camp fundraising page. Here, you can get people to give directly to CBM on behalf of your camp and track your donations today in real time as they are given online*.

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